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Li Pigments has cultivated a manufacturing environment that allows our customers to increase business through innovative formulations, creative packaging, quality manufacturing, detailed logistical execution, and more!


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Dear Distributors, Valued Customers, and Associates,

In an effort to consolidate information and promote knowledge throughout our field, to dispel misinformation by solidifying facts, and to raise the safety and esteem of our whole industry, LI makes this pledge: From this point on LI will make the facts available in writing. All information will be sourced from those of the scientific community and/or based on legitimate sources and testing that can be verified by the reader. We also want to make these sources more available to the public. We will make every effort to remain unbiased a source of information as possible. As a manufacturing company to dispel any question of bias, we will post links to reputable unbiased sources of information. We pledge to continue to educate ourselves and to remain current of changes in toxicology/safety information in order to consistently provide the safest products. Through the spread of knowledge, science, common sense and literature/legislature, we can raise the respect and integrity of our industry. Education is the key to dispelling misinformation and making the industry safer and more respected. Disclaimer: We do not seek to use this pledge to promote our product or discredit another. Many of our competitors stay well-informed and use high purity ingredients. We seek to facilitate access to accurate information. Thank you all for your continued support of LI Pigments. We will continue our efforts to remain deserving of that support.


Darlene Story

President LI Pigments

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